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Used Other Penny Farthings

This section is for miscellaneous Penny Farthing, these don't come with factory support or warranty and may not comply with world manufacturing standards or laws. All communication between seller and buyer is completely their responsibility as is the condition and quality of the Highwheel 

Rocky Mountain Highwheel, from Colorado.
Purchased used just over 12 months ago, enjoyed it so much that it's being upgraded to a new custom made version from an Australian owned business. This penny is a 56" high wheel with vintage Brooks saddle, BBB freebars and a Shimano Tiagra rear rim brake. This penny farthing is a great intro bike. . Please take a look at the bike for more details regarding quality. The main thing here is the small chip out if the tire/rim. This was there when I purchased and hasn't effected the riding quality. Located  in Canberra, ACT.
$2,400 Aus


Used Penny Farthing, 52" wheel made by John Bennett in 2012, one owner since new. Used for casual rides and well looked after. Gloss black, pinstripes and leather spring saddle. Located in Melbourne. 


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