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Welcome to Penny Farthing Dan

Built in Australia and shipped worldwide, you can buy a bespoke hand made Penny Farthing bicycle. 

Buy an Australian handbuilt Penny Farthing Replica.
Buy an Australian handbuilt Highwheel replica
In a world of disposable items, cheap manufacturing and products designed for a price rather than quality; I offer a fresh alternative.

Dan's bikes have proven to be tough and reliable, every one is hand made with attention to detail, these are serious bikes for real riders, made to be comfortably and easily ridden for 1000's of miles whilst looking and feeling amazing. 


During the build you communicate directly with a passionate designer, craftsman and engineer ensuring quality and ultimately your satisfaction. Your experience doesn't end with the purchase of your highwheel bicycle, Dan offers ongoing backup and can introduce you to a welcoming network of like minded owners. These people are often involved in group activities ranging from a ride to the cafe through to a ride around the world.


My extensive riding and building experience is utilised to personally design a machine that will correctly fit you, deliver its purpose and give you years of reliable service, each bike personalised to the exact specifications of the owner, from the geometry, to the shape of the in house handmade tubing and comfortable handcrafted integrated saddles. No stone is left unturned to build a bike perfectly suited to your own riding style and intended use.

Contact Dan Bolwell: 

Aus: 0417565091

International: +61417565091


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