Hi I'm Dan Bolwell


I have been building highwheels since my mid 20's, with extensive product testing long before becoming a full time professional highwheel bicycle builder. With over 30 years experience in unique and specialised engineering, I starting in rare and unusual diesel injection systems in my teenage years, then went on to become a farmer with a 2,000 acre grain production property and big machinery. Highwheels are my focus and passion taking around 100 to 120 hrs each to build and I still manage fit in some design consulting to an Australian machinery manufacturing business when I can. Supplying high performance, quality, correctly fitted Penny Farthings and exporting to 12 countries with more to come, I build a real riders bike in original style with many still going strong after 10,000 ks and some with over 25,000 ks of trouble free riding. Unless otherwise stipulated in the order, all of Dan's highwheels feature the signature original style tapered/blade shaped forks, tapered and ovalised backbone, genuine highwheel purpose made hammock saddle and internal 1880's design internal headstem. Fully handmade, formed, rolled, shaped and welded by Dan Bolwell personally in his workshop in Melbourne.


The Mission 


My work simply focuses on providing high class, quality highwheel bicycles and creating opportunities and adventures to use your lifetime investment, so the fun of ownership goes long past the initial purchase. It is very important to me to have the sustainability and resources to deliver what you want, not what your told you want. With solid, honest advice based on real world experience.


Through an ethical, carefully and solidly set up business, I can provide what I consider 100% value. Dealing directly and personally with me as the engineer and designer what you pay for is the raw materials and the time invested in your machine. 


Challenging Stereotypes 


Highwheel bicycles are often seen as a bicycle ridden slowly by an old man with a top hat. This is not the case at all, the original invention came about from a desire to go ridiculously fast and cover long distances. In today's age it's still as popular as ever and riders come in all ages, genders and cultures with one thing in common, a sense of adventure and a stand out character. 


I endeavour to keep in close contact with all customers to ensure ongoing support, "R'n'D" and your machine is always in top condition. 

Ultimate Freedom!

Penny Farthng

Why compromise, when you can customise?

Penny Farthing Dan is proud to be an Official Australian Made Licensee

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Penny Farthing Dan is a registerered Australian business ABN 55445346037