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Testimonials are great but a history of good work and relentless support and care through actual hard work is the best testimonial. Dan has a philosophy of doing everything possible for everyone to have the most fun and get the best out of the experience in a completely unprejudiced way. Everyone is invited to come and join the amazing fun and happiness that this unique interest brings to not only the rider but everyone involved. Don't hesitate to contact Dan as he will do what he can to provide an opportunity for you to have an extraordinary experience.

Adrian (Denmark 2020)

The bike (DB 52” PF) I have is light and responsive, yet solid and firm.. hard to explain really. The UDC was heavy and a bit dull. This new bike is so much easier to mount, stable at speed, and it rolls so smoothly and silently that it is a joy to ride.
The saddle is really comfy too so the ride is exciting, sensitive but stable and safe to the touch. I feel so safe and in control when riding it.
It really is a Rolls Royce of bikes and beautifully made like a Bentley .. I was an addict before, but now I hate days that don’t allow me even the shortest of rides. 
I have also found the new bike to be fun on hills, where the UDC was hard work .. so all in all a real treat. 
The best bit though is that Dan is really great, he truly cares about his riders and their bikes and what happens to them .. for me it was the best part of the whole DB PF experience, getting to know Dan :-) 

JP (Ohio USA 2020)

Hi Dan, just checking in with you sir. 

First and foremost, the bike is amazing, not only is it gorgeous to look at, it really is a piece of art, it also handles amazingly well.

Took it for it's inaugural ride today, 26.9 miles (43.3 Kilometers), it was an amazing ride.  It was very smooth to get on and off the bike, the break helps tremendously, the handle bars although shorter felt more comfortable and like i had more control of the bike. I can not thank you enough for working with me, designing and crafting such an outstanding mode of transportation. 

Siemen (Antwerp, Belgium 2020)

After 1 months and 1500km of happiness on this amazing bike it's time for a little review. 
In fact everything is just amazing! I can't say anything wrong here. Nice communication and beautiful bikes what do you need more?! 
Again a happy costumer over here! 
Ps: the rear break is awesome! 😎

Paulie (Canberra, Aus 2020)

My penny is fantastic and the after sales support is amazing. The bike fits me and has no vices.

Brent (Edmonton, Canada 2020)

Hi Dan, I just wanted to tell you I’ve had an amazing weekend riding my new penny farthing, it’s very addictive. Everyone who sees it, luvs it.Thanks again Dan, you did an amazing job building my bike, I have never rode a penny farthing before, I cannot seem to stop now, I’ve put many miles on it in less than a week, I’m sure I’ll be putting many more miles on it. It is very comfortable as well 😎

Mick (Tasmania, Australia 2020)

Great bike fine craftsmanship fantastic after sales service great to deal with couldn't be happier.

Gary (Melbourne, Australia 2020)

Dan produces craftsman built Penny Farthings in consultation with the clients requirements. Built before time and something of beauty. I could look at it all day .

Matt (Melbourne, Australia 2019)

Realising your dream Penny Farthing.

Lee (USA 2019)

His incredible cycling expertise. His commitment to quality and Customer service in building his lovely Ordinaries ( High Wheels ) A riders bike built by a rider. ( you can use that Dan!) Just came out of my head!.

Keith (Maryland, USA 2019)

Dan makes great High Wheels. Always within reach if you need any help. His service is top notch. No skimping on anything. Very Fast service. Perfection, and caring about his work for his customers.

Robert  (Kansas, United States of America. 2019)

I have been riding a HiWheel for almost seven years. During that time I have purchased two bikes and there was never any discussion about my height, build, weight, etc. I simply picked out a size, purchased, and never hear from the seller again. I had to make adjustments to my Penny to make it comfortable for me. Then I met Dan Bolwell. It’s as if I’ve known him a lifetime, I get a form to put my body measurements on to allow him to make a Penny to fit me and my riding habits. I love to ride and Dan has re kindled that fire for the sport, you should be very proud of the dedication you have to your craft and to the many satisfied customers you have built Penny’s for. I am months away from receiving my Penny from Dan and I am extremely excited. Craftsmen like Dan are a rare breed and I am so happy that my Penny for life will be made by him. Thank you sir for all your kindness and friendship, I look forward to many years on my Penny Farthing Dan piece of art!! 

I have heard from many people here in the states that envy me as your reputation is known world wide. I am blessed that God let our paths cross. I am hoping to someday meet the legend. Penny Farthing Dan!!!! God bless you and Kelly

Nate (Arizona, USA 2018)

Dan is the master of customer service. The product I received exceeded my expectations. The bike is a perfect fit! I feel like I wanna go for my first ever century ride on my penny farthing!

David and Liz (Townsville, QLD, Australia. 2018)

Just after delivery:

Both Liz and I are very happy that we have bought the bikes from you! I sum it up to people by sharing the realisation that “every dollar we spend is a vote for how we want the world to be” (with the sub text that we want a world where it is possible to buy quality rather than only products made to a price). So, anyway, thanks again for making the whole experience enjoyable!

6 months after delivery:

Dan, a note of thanks.

We are delighted with our Penny Farthings. Even though we use them for everyday transport, they are much more than bikes. We consider them beautiful, elegant ridable art. We did not anticipate how much joy our Penny Farthings would bring other people. Thanks for making the whole process enjoyable and you being helpful to us even we’ll after delivery.

Hugs Elizabeth and David 

Arie (Amsterdam, Netherlands 2018)

No nonsense, passion, quality, honest, lives to ride Penny's. So buy the good bike enjoy the feeling!

Martin (Middletown, MD, USA 2018)

The race was great. The bike made such a huge difference. It is a joy to ride. I didn't win of course but performed so much better than in previous years. And I got lots of great comments on the bike too. This bike will keep me competitive for years to come, as long as my health keeps up. Thank you again for what you do.

Isabelle (Melbourne, Australia. 2017)

Amazing service! The quality of these replica penny farthings is truly five star! Mr Bolwell’s service and assistance in fitting us with the best possible machine was outstanding! Thank you!

Kerry (Castlemaine, Australia 2018)

Great guy who is very obliging

Neil (NSW north coast, Australia. 2017)

My new bike arrived in A1 condition, thank you. I wasn't able to be here to take delivery so I had to entrust my wife with that important task. I have just arrived home from my maiden randonneur and I couldn't be more delighted with it. It climbs really well, the rear brake is more effective than I thought it might be and the ride is really comfortable thanks to the generous amount of rubber on the tyres and the saddle design. I appreciate the manual you sent with the bike too, that will be very useful.

Anthony aka FatJesus (Singapore. 2016)

I am still overwhelmed by the happiness of riding your creation...from the very initial point of our discussion on the possibilities and options, to the actual realisation when you personally hand me the well-crafted lovely all seemed like a dream but more of a dream come true instead!

Simon (Chiang Rai, Thailand. 2016)

Thank-you Mr.Dan Bolwell for building the ordinary bicycle for me. I am very satisfy with the workmanship of the ordinary bicycle. Since the day you handed the ordinary bicycle over to me in the month of April 2016, I have covered over 3,000 km without any problem. Every single parts still in very good condition and the bike still running smoothly.

I will be using this ordinary bicycle for a fund raising project in this coming August to raise fund for a orphanage home in Thailand. I will be starting from Chiang Rai (northern Thailand) all the way to Singapore. The distance is 3,000 km and I hope that I can finish the ride is 28 days. I am sure that the bike can arrive Singapore without any problem.

Paul, (Bacchus Marsh, Vic 2015)

Penny Farthing Dan (Dan Bolwell)

A true gentleman who fulfils like-minded peoples’ dreams; bringing us together by creating art from the earth.  A caring man who forms a special bond with many a client who have, like myself, galvanised a unique friendship from that one common interest.  He who has a heart bigger than a penny farthing wheel.  A man of whom legends are made

Tim, (Melbourne Vic 2015)

Dan's penny farthings are more than just bicycles, they are works of art. The workmanship is excellent and remains true to the simple iconic design. There is something very special about a hand-crafted penny farthing which is exemplified every time I take it for a ride. Just seeing the penny farthing riding on the road makes people laugh and smile.

Jeff, (Parkes NSW 2015)

I cannot thank Dan enough for the 55” penny farthing he built for me in 2015.

I’d had lots of fun with my previous penny but it just wasn’t “cutting the mustard”!! I’d met Dan a few times at Evandale, had seen his bikes and had spoken to some of his happy customers and decided to have Dan build a bike for me.

Dan was super helpful. He gave me plenty of choices and took the time to explain the pro’s and con’s (or not at all) of any variations, which made the choice easier. I really wanted to do the Melbourne to Dubbo ride on a new bike and Dan promised he’d have it ready in time and even helped out with organising delivery.

True to his word the penny arrived on a trailer loaded with alpacas and goats and I was gobsmacked! The bike was exactly what I had envisaged and more to the point it rode so much better. Dan is sick of me saying so, but there’s no way I could have taken on and completed the big ride on my other penny. All of a sudden I had this new found strength and I literally powered up hills that I previously would have struggled to conquer.

Forget the quirky looks, the whistles and tooting horns and the innumerable photos from mobile phones... If you are after a penny farthing that will make riding so much more pleasurable and last the distance you can’t go past Dan Bolwell for your custom build.

Murray (Melbourne 2015)

For the last 50 years I have wanted my own penny farthing bicycle. Following prostate cancer surgery, in a slightly depressed state it was decided I should take up an active interest. So I resumed riding a "safety bike". This rekindled my desire for a penny farthing. Roaming the web I typed in "penny farthing dangerous" and discovered Dan's page. After a visit with Dan I was impressed with his attitude and ability to maintain the integrity of hand building a circa 1880's replica penny farthing using modern materials.On my next visit we went for a ride and discussed options and possibilities. Subsequently I wrote a few pages of specifications to accompany my order and deposit.

Out of the blue the following week on doctors advise I was to undergo urgent quadruple coronary bypass surgery. In January in 2015 the doctors gave me the okay to get back on 2 wheels. In April 2015 I took delivery of my 51inch penny farthing. I have ridden about 50 kilometres so far, fallen off twice, improving my technique each time. I love to ride it. It is a challenge, it can be dangerous just like some cancers and heart issues. I only wish I was 30 years younger.

So whatever your age I totally recommend talking with Dan Bolwell, it may change your life. Every time I ride "Scotty" my (PF) my spirits and body are lifted up as per Star Trek quote "Beam me up Scotty". The motto around our home is "Get closer to God - ride a penny farthing". It's interpretation has many variations. Dan's penny farthings have countless variations. Dan created a unique personalised hand made rideable work of art for me. He aided me to get on with life and rise above the everyday routine of life

Merridy (Bellingen, NSW. 2015)

Many years ago I talked a young fellow at Timbertown, Wauchope, NSW into letting me have a turn on the penny farthing he was riding.  I was hooked & from then aspired to having one.  Life rolled on, busy with children, then while in New Zealand in 2012 discovered the Penny Farthing shop at Omaru & had another ride on a Penny Farthing.  Again, I wanted one but another few years were to go by until I discovered Dan Bolwell was making them in Horsham, Victoria.  From when I first emailed Dan, spoke to him on the phone, discussed my needs ( I have had 6 knee operations) I was confident that I was going to end up with a bike that was well made & would become a treasured part of my lifestyle!  Fast forward to meeting Dan in Sydney & he was so pleased & proud & yet nervous of me seeing my bike for the first time.  He then proceeded to spend time with me to show me how to mount, ride & dismount.  Dan is inspirational, as are his two children Caleb & Molly, who also witnessed my first ride on Violet & who also were full of encouragement.  Photos of the day showed me with the biggest grin plastered on my face.  It's hard to describe the feeling, perched up high on the big wheel - its awesome!  Fast forward to February & on the strength of two weeks of owning a bike I decided to ride at the Penny Farthing Championships - a fun but nerve racking experience, but with 60 riders who were impressed with my bike & Dan's excellent workmanship & attention to detail.  Dan very kindly gave me advice while at Evandale & I also took part in the 20 mile Road Race, completing the distance in 1 hour 48 minutes, not bad for an inexperienced rider but confident in Violet's ability to take on the distance.  Violet & I have now bonded - call me eccentric - but she is now a valued & a much loved part of  my family & I look forward to many more adventures together.  Thanks Dan

SANJEX SERATTI (Morpeth, NSW 2014)

When it rolled out of the delivery van, it was like a Christmas present that was directly transported from the 1870’s. Time around me appeared to stand still, while I unwrapped the protective packaging to reveal a majestic bike that was forged from the hands of Dan Bolwell. My customised piece of art that Dan manufactured exceeded my expectations. The progressive photos that he provided during the build, could not highlight the hand precision that can be witnessed on my new Penny Farthing. Dan’s willingness to listen, keep the buyer informed and stage his manufacturing process across a number of jobs, is a real talent and credit to him. My Penny Farthing was a special order in an effort to replicate not only the basic penny farthing, but also subtle features from that era including a spoon brake, a steel rim and a decorative step peg. It was a delight and a pleasing experience to find that my trust in Dan kept growing and he never let me down. Dan will strive to make sure he understands your expectations and accommodates any of your own provisions where possible. My Penny Farthing includes my own hand made wooden pedals, a vintage bike light & a set of custom turned wooden handle grips. If you are contemplating owning you own Penny Farthing, I urge you to stop researching and go immediately with a Penny Farthing Dan. You and all the kids in your street shall not be disappointed. 

Douglas (Alice Springs, NT 2014)

Dan, Thank you so much for the excellent work you put into making my Penny. Its getting a good work out in Alice Springs and lots of appreciative comments.

Hugh (Manly, NSW 2014)

I’d like to commend you on the excellent build quality of the Penny you made for me. I raced in the Powerhouse Cup in Maitland 2014 and came second. The track was rolled dirt and was pretty rough in places, and we were going flat out! The bike performed perfectly. Not a broken spoke or a loose bolt to be seen. I’m really pleased with your closed-head design as it has the authentic look of an original Penny. It really is a usable work of art. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. The Penny is beautifully engineered and was completed on-time The results exceeded my expectations and I look forward to riding it for many years into the future.

Sam (Townsville, QLD 2014)

I believe there are some people who were born in these modern times that would of thrived in the distant era days were engineering feats were at the fore front of modern society… Dan Bolwell would be one of these people. Dan has recreated the penny-farthing with the same exuberance and passion of our earlier pioneers but at the same time added his own subtle signature flair of ingenuity with his tried and tested modern improvements. I had Dan custom build me a 54” that would handle long distance rides every weekend but also relish in frequent use around town, Dan’s bicycle has gone far beyond my expectations. To put it simply my new 54” Penny rocks, it has now just ticked over the 1000klm mark and every time I get on it, the “Bolwell beast” reminds me of why I love to ride.

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