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Instead of running an official club with all the meetings and discussions and debates and elections we have decided to connect the Penny Farthing community in a more organic way. To be a part of this vibrant and active community you just need to get involved, everyone is welcome without prejudice.


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One of the important missions that we set out to do is to create an opportunity for riders and enthusiasts to ride their bikes, meet new people and have great adventures. Over the last 15 years we have worked tirelessly to create a range of events and rides. There is the flagship ride, The Annual Penny Farthing Tour as well as a series of racing events and social rides monthly at a minimum. This side of the business is time consuming and takes a considerable amount of resources and finances so we try our best to partner with organisations and other events where possible.

As per the business as a whole there is a big consideration to sustainability, each event needs to be run professionally and offer something for the riders to enjoy. We feel that the riders come first and spectators and/or others wanting Penny Farthings involved for marketing comes second. A great outcome is usually achieved in life by having a long term approach, doing less and doing it better with good attendances and creating a good reputation, rather than to do lots of things poorly, get low attendance and make a mockery of Penny Farthings and Vintage cycles.

With this philosophy we have also ensured our events comply with policy where required and have public liability insurance. The racing events we have been involved in organising have been sanctioned by the Cycling Australia state bodies. Often I can secure sponsorship or paid events for Penny farthing riders, this has even involved fully sponsored overseas trips.

All we ask for in return is respect for the effort made to the community and not to undermine or use our efforts, costs and resources to market your own agenda. If you have an idea for an event please feel welcome to contact us and we can discuss how or if we can make it work.

Kind Regards

Dan and the crew.


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