Wheel size

The wheel size is generally between 44" upto 60" based on intended use of the Penny Farthing as well as leg length. For e.g. if your doing lots of traffic and tight places you would consider a slightly smaller bike than your leg length will allow, if you want to head out on the open road you may consider as big as you can fit on. Another important consideration is crank length. It is really important to select the size so that it is a pleasure to own and ride, Dan will discuss this further upon enquiry.


There is a wide variety of handlebars you can fit onto your Penny Farthing and this comes back to a compromise between looks and practicality. The most popular is the 7\8" moustache bars with shovel handle style end grips, then there is straight moustach style bars without the shovel ends or for a really old look you can go with the smaller 5\8" bars with the bolt in centre.


Seats are a hand made leather seat that will mould to your shape and become very compfortable, they have been proven over Century rides (160 ks or 100 miles) and multiple day rides of upto 1000ks a week. Being Leather they do take a little care and mainatainance particularly if they get wet and they must be kept tight.

Rear step

The rear step is usually on the left side at a convinient height, this can be attached on the right side also or two steps can be added. Dan also has a design where one step can be fixed with a removable step for the oposing side. Two steps is really only useful for long distance riding to rest the legs while going down hill. It is recomended to stay in the saddle and mainatin control of the Penny Farthing with the pedals but the more bold among us like to let it go down hills. Dan often stands on the back step, holds the backbone between his knees, locks his elbows and leans forward to get high speeds down hill.

Why compromise, when you can customise?

Penny Farthing Dan is proud to be an Official Australian Made Licensee

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