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The Classic 

The Classic, an all rounder with classic and traditional style

The Classic is great blend of old and new without going to the extreme details and extravagance that many bikes of the 1880's had. It's always a fine balance that requires some planning and experience to achieve. The classic is for those that love to ride easy with plenty of style. 

Built for style, comfort and easy use, with a higher frame position, long cranks, more relaxed rake, no increases trail for easy manoeuvrability at lower speeds. Featuring machined steel hubs, radial or tangential laced wheel, higher moustache bars with either pear or spade grips, nickel heastsem, nickel handlebars and pinstripes included. 


A very stylish and striking option ideal for casual use and showing off.


Offered in Powder coat finish, nickel handlebars and nickel headtsem and pinstripes, starting from $7,270, with the option of extra nickel plated finishes, custom paint with, extra hand painted details and traditional spoon brake

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