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The Foldup Penny Farthing 

The worlds first and only fully folding Penny Farthing, that fits into a travel case 

Available for sale, handmade to the highest standards and delivered worldwide. Supplied fully nickel plated, including individual neoprene covers and travel case. Price from $12,600Aus

Developed over many years Dan has produced and perfected a fully folding Penny Farthing that packs down into a travel case for easy travel. This world first is revolutionary, allowing you to attend, events, conferences and travel across the world by train, plane or vehicle without having the challenge of dealing with a huge Penny Farthing. The idea came from a concept drawing from 1879 by William Henry James Grout, the idea was there but no evidence that it could be or was made at the time. Grouts version was heavy and still quite cumbersome and large, Dan's modern day version is compact, relatively light and easy to use. Many who see the folding Penny Farthing in the flesh are completely amazed at how it works, the simplicity is art in itself, instead of going into the great detail of the design and extensive mathematics, all you need to know is, although very much science, art and engineering combined, it works like magic, I'll let you watch the video below.  

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