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The Racer

Fully designed and developed to win races and hit those top speeds.

The Racer is in continual development, we are always chasing those 1% gains to allow each riders to gets the best out of themselves and achieve their racing goals.

Low and narrow saddle position and a close frame to provide the biggest wheel for the rider along with short cranks for high rpm, low and narrow handlebars, T grip or spade ends so the rider can be as aero as possible, aggressive rake along with increased trail to give the ultimate handling for fast cornering and high speed stability, reducing the effect of the pedals allowing for higher cadence so you can hit those top speeds. Lighter materials and designs for reduced weight, whist still having the stiffness to push power through the frame. 


This is a take all, no compromise, hard edge racer not for the faint hearted allowing experienced riders and racers to take things to the next level. 


Full powder coated frame and wheels in any colour, starting from $6,170, with the option of electroplated components.

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