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A non-refundable $1000 deposit is required to initiate the first stage of the conversation to build your Penny Farthing. Following payment Dan will get in touch to discuss what path your Penny Farthing journey will take.


The process to design your Penny Farthing is a collaborative one, we will need a full body measurement via an order form which will be emailed to you and we will require your input and involvement to design your bike from the ground up.


The final price of your Penny Farthing will ultimately depend on a range of factors determined by you, including wheel type, handlebars, mounting steps, finish and any detail you wish to include. Your deposit will be credited against the final cost of your bicycle.


For more information contact Dan directly on:

Mobile: 0417565091


International phone +61417565091


In the event that you cancel your order, then we reserve the right to invoice you for the cost of any design and/or manufacturing services performed by us up to the date of cancelation (at prices determined by us). These costs may or may not be limited to the $1000 deposit.

Penny Farthing Deposit

SKU: Made to Order
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