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The Sports Tourer

Made for adventure! 

The ultimate all rounder, ride, travel, adventure and anything you throw at it, handmade to be robust and reliable. This is where amazing life experiences happen, the do it all Highwheel that will take you around the world, from tours, century rides, racing and anything you throw at it.

The most popular model, designed for all day everyday use, can be raced and then ridden 1,000 miles the following week in comfort and style. Featuring the comfortable integrated hammock saddle in a wide or narrow option with the spring and leather thickness made for your weight, medium height moustache bars with spade grips for the most comfortable and confident riding position. increased trail and medium or long cranks for ideal open cruising comfort and some decent hill climbs. 


The do it all and best value Highwheel that will take every adventure in its stride.


Full powder coated frame and wheels in any colour, starting from $5,950, with the option of electroplated components, custom painting and pinstripes or hand painted details and brake additional options.

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