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The Deluxe Classic 

The Deluxe Classic is the ultimate Luxury Highwheel  

With no expense spared and every attention to details incorporated in this extravagant beauty, for the most discerning of us that love to show the depth of handcrafted items. A decedent indulgence in victorian engineering, made like it was 1880 when times were much different. 

For those that want every detail offered, a Classic bike with engineering detail that sets it apart as the most luxurious available, channeling the spirit of the 1880’s industrial revolution when everything was designed and made in such intricate detail. Including machined brass hubs with direct screw in spokes front and rear, hand forged rear fork, Steel crescent rims, radially laced, Pan saddle on leaf spring, tapered headtsem, nickel handlebars and headtsem, custom painted and the intricate pinstripe designs.


The most stylish and elaborate Highwheel offering, starting from $9,250 with the option of spoon brake and extra electroplated components. 

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